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At Miridians Education centres, we aim to show all of our children the wonderful worth and work of Jesus by teaching the Bible to them in a Christ-centred, clear and engaging way.

Sunday School is led by caring and compassionate teachers, it is for grades Nursery students and  those in Grade 1-3. There are three separate programs:

  1. The Creation story: This lesson introduces children to how God magnificently created the wonderful world in which we live. We use the Creation Blocks activity to help tell the story of God's creation. The story about creation is read right from the Bible using Children's Bible so it will be easier for the kids to understand.
  2. Noah’s Park: Is for the children of Grade 1. They do three-year cycle of lessons based on the Bible. The children always celebrate Christmas and Easter, as well as enjoy different stories provided in this program. The program includes a puppet play about the day’s lesson, story time, crafts, prayer, and a game each week. The young children really enjoy the interesting ways that the story is presented from small skits to action play.
  3. The Fruits of the Spirit and Ten Commandment: The Grade 2 & 3 students rotate between two programs, One learning the “Fruit of the Spirit”, the other learning “The Ten Commandments”. The children focus on a specific topic for about three weeks to a month at a time and enjoy learning through stories, plays, games, and crafts.

Note: Story of Jesus life is given to all groups in rotation manner. This is the fundamental to being a Christian.


Jesus Films show at the school

Parent Community

PTA represents and coordination school programs to the community. They are Public Relation staff.

PTA Executive members

Sunday School

We teach our pupils ways to know God. The Sunday School program is from Baby to Grade Three pupils.

Jesus Film show

Extra Curriculum Activities

We teach co curriculum program like Music, Dance and Drama, Football/Netbal and Innovation skills.

Music, Dance and Drama