• Top Class candidates graduating to Grade 1 Class

  • Students in the School Uniforms

  • NGO HEISLIKEMI feeding students

  • Talents show during end of year party

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Welcome to Miridians Education Services (MES) offereing an Elementary School at Kireku and Luweero campus. It is incorporated in the Republic of Uganda to carryout educations educations. Besides education there are business being operated under the mother name Miridians Group Uganda Limited.  It runs Kindegarten to Grade 3 (Primary 3) at Kireku a suburb in Wakiso district in the central region of the Uganda, Wakiso district. Meanwhile, Luweero is the main campus with classes from Kindagarteen to primary seven.

This mid-sized child care and education facility is serving children from three to six years old. The services offered by us are safe and secure, providing parents with an excellent place where children are taken care of and given core education.

The child care and education market is quite competitive in Wakiso district; there are over 250 different facilities from small scale commercially run to a larger scale. The largest facilities provide their services to the rich class of people and their market strategies cover the same class.

School Vision

To raise new generation by caring, educating and empowering them with skills from grass roots for nation building.

School Mission

Realization of sustainable development in the nation by providing habitable centre to care, educate young ones, involve teachers and the community in positive activities to ensure socio-economic spiritual welfare in the entire locality.

School Motto: “Quality Roots, Quality Fruits”






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